1 – Office space setup for Dsa Business.

If you are planning to start your own office then it’s a very good idea. Customers can visit your office and you can convince them easily. Having your own office will have a good & Positive effect on your business and brand. Also people will trust you because you have a physical address.and also you can hire a team for further business. You can meet with your customers, your business & banking partners at your office. Just keep in mind you don’t need to open a big office or big teams. You are just starting so start from scratch with a small office & team.

    • 1 Seat For You.
    • 2 Seat For Customers.
    • 2 Seat For Your Employees.

2 – How to choose office location for Dsa business.

Office should be in the main market. It means your office should be near the metro station, bus station, rickshaw stand and taxi stand. Your office should be reachable. And you can also make an advantage of flex board marketing. If your office is a reachable and public place and people watch your flex board they will contact you for loan and any other products.

3 – What tools you should use for Dsa business

You need some tools for your business. Because if you don’t have systems and connections then your business might be slow. Let me tell you how this tool can be helpful for you.

Landline Phone –  Landline phone is the best way to call your customer for approaching for loan. And you can also use this landline for tele verification. You know all the big companies use their landline number to talk with his customers.

Internet Connection  – If you have Internet connection in your office then you can use landline phone for free more information visit Airtel.com Broadband internet connection are fast so when you login your loan application then you need fast internet. It will also help in downloading any document very fast.

2 Computer –  Computers are very useful machines. You can use these computers for making files in your database. It will also help you to check emails and login files online. You can use your whatsapp on this computer.

1 Printer –  If you are in banking or finance business then you must have a printer. Printers will help you for documentation like photocopy print documents and scan documents.

4 – How much importance of Flex Board in Dsa Business.

You need 2 flex boards for your dsa business 1 flex board for the outer side of your office and 1 for the inner side of your office. Outer side flex boards will help you to connect your walking customers. An inner side flex board will help for introduction about your services that you are giving right now.

5 – How to make a team for Dsa Business.

Hiring a team it’s your own call but I suggest hiring at least 2 people: 1 is a girl and 1 is boy. Girls will help you in tele verification and documentation she will also help you in generating leads by telecalling. And boy will help you for field documentation. Because sometimes customers don’t want to give documents online they want to give you document hardcopy. It means you have at least 2 team members.

6 – How To Get Dsa Code?

You are starting your business so you need some hand holding.If you go for direct Bank or Nbfc Dsa code they will deny you. Because all banks and Nbfc want business but you are just starting you don’t know how much business you will do. Lender does not entertain newbies or fresher. But if any landers will give you dsa code then they will make pressure on you for doing business with them. And they will offer a very low payout.they will break your focus from the main business. 

You can do business with direct lenders but you have to achieve min 1cr disbursement regular 3 months. Then it will help you to get good support and payout from lenders.

So I personally suggest in the beginning don’t take any direct code with any lenders. There are many corporate Dsa Like PAISAPAID LOAN available in the market. They have good payout offers. You can do pan india business with Paisapaid seating at your own place.

Get Dsa Code From Paisapaid

7 – What is the main key Point for DSA Business?

In Dsa business 90% of people fail. Because they do not follow DSA rules. So here are some rules that I am giving you that will help you get huge success in Dsa business like us.

  •   Rule 1 – Don’t work on bad files like –  Low cibil, No income Proof, Overleveraged cases, Fraud cases.


    • Rule 2 –  Do not make your decision with future loan disbursement. 

    • Rule 3 –  Do not give fake promises to your customers.

    • Rule 4 –  Do not charge any fee before loan disbursement.

    • Rule 5 –  Wait at least 2 months for profit.

    • Rule 6 –  Calculate your rent, bills, salary, every month it will encourage you for hard work.

    • Rule 7 –  Learn how to present files with lenders or Dsa. Do neet & clean documentation.

    • Rule 8 –  Print your visiting card with high quality. You can also make digital visiting card by using canva.com

How to do free marketing for your Dsa Business? 

There are many customers searching for loans in your area. Just you need to connect them. But how? The answer is through social media or online business listings. If your business appears online then people can search you and call you. 

Google has great matrics if you list your business on google then any body will search for loan in your nearby area then google automatically suggest your number.

I personally used this method. And still we are getting leads from nearby people.

So now what you should do? – Search on youtube how to register my business on “Google Business Manager” and you will get an answer. And start setup 

Search On youtube How to make a website on google site free. You will get an answer.
Also start listing on Justdial, Sulekh, yellow Pages, Indiamart. Tradeindia, etc.
These are absolutely free ways to market your business online.

How to use Social Media for Dsa Business.  

Make your business as a brand. So you need to set up all your social media accounts. Like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Reddit, Quora, This will help you to create a brand over time.

How to Source Data for Dsa Business.

In Dsa business Data is very important. So you have to arrange telecalling data for your telecallers. There are many data providers in india. But I will suggest you get credit card data. Search online or your friend circle for credit card data. 

Please Note –  This is my experience about Dsa business setup.If you are starting Dsa business then it will help you a lot.