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Apply Now For Business Loan In Just 2 Min

 Business Loan in Delhi NCR, Apply Online

Business loan is a loan that is specifically designed for business purposes. Like all loans, it involves the creation of a loan that will be repaid with additional interest. There are a variety of business loans including bank loans, mezzanine finance, asset-based finance, account finance,  micro lens , business cash advances and cash flow loans.
NBFC Banking and Finance continues to be the backbone of India’s small and medium-sized enterprises. Business loans help your small business grow by allowing you to invest in infrastructure, operations, and equipment. Moreover, business loans can also be a true business support tool for critical business operations. Individual business loans are a new category of business loans that are designed to meet the specific needs of a new century business or startup. These loans give your business the ability to scale and give it the competitive edge it needs to succeed in today’s world.
Corporation Bank offers the most affordable commercial loan rate of interest of 13.50%. Thes sort rates will vary relying upon your annual turnover, range of years in business, loan quantity you’ve got applied for and your compensation capability. higher the loan quantity, lower are the speed of interest.
Corporation Bank offers the most affordable commercial loan rate of interest of 13.50%. Thes sort rates will vary relying upon your annual turnover, range of years in business, loan quantity you’ve got applied for and your compensation capability. higher the loan quantity, lower are the speed of interest.

How to take a commercial loan from banks & nbfcs ?

If you would like to apply for a commercial loan through the standard channel of visiting a bank branch or through a DSA. However, if you’re searching for fast business loans, you’ll merely apply on-line at PAISAPAID.COM.
You can compare loan interest rates on-line and additionally use on-line Eligibility Calculator to induce a rough estimate of your commercial loan eligibility.
You can fill your basic personal, business and financial gain details, you may recive an inventory of best bank commercial loan offers. when we have a tendency to receive your details and additionally the bank offers you’re curious about, we are going to work quicker and closely with our partner banks to confirm that you simply get best business loans at most cost-effective rates. PAISAPAID.COM representatives can coordinate with you and partner banks throughout the loan method to confirm that you simply notice fast and simple approval with bottom work.

Types of Business Loans Secured Loans for Businesses

These loans square measure those that square measure taken against some form of personal guarantee or any quality as collateral. term loans Inventory loans, instrumentation loans, and loan against property square measure secured business loans.

Unsecured Loans For Businesses

In such varieties things, businessmen and self utilized favor to take unsecured business finance with no collateral demand owing to the subsequent reasons:
Short work time of seven -12 operating days as compared to secured loans
No would like any collateral or security needed to borrow this loan
Reduces your dependence on friends, relatives or cash lenders for borrowing for pressing or seasonal business expenses.

Business Loan Eligibility

Banks use multiple factors to calculate the loan quantity Eligibility of its borrowers. PAISAPAID.COM commercial loan Eligibility Calculator uses the subsequent factors to relinquish you AN estimate regarding your loan eligibility, quantity of loan and best rate provide.


Business Loan Eligibility Criteria

Eligible Entities

Self employed non professionals – Sole proprietors, partnership
firms, private limited companies, public limited companies involved in the
business of manufacturing, trading and services
Self employed professionals – Doctors, CA, CS, Architects.
Age21 – 65 years
Loan Amount₹ 50,000
to ₹ 25Cr
Interest Rate14.50% – 22.00%
Loan TenureUp to 5 years
Business VintageFor selfe mployed professional – 3 years
For self employed businessmen – 3 to 4 years
Annual Turnover₹ 1 Cr
and above
Banking Stability6 months and above
CIBIL Score650 or above
Other Eligibility ConditionsBorrower should have a self owned house or work place

Factors that depends eligibility for Business loan are

  • Eligible Age– Banks take into account customers with age of twenty one years to sixty five year
  • Loan Amount– ₹ fifty,000 to ₹ a hundred atomic number 24 may be availed on commercial loan. huge loan quantity, increse possibilities to induce low rate.
  • Loan Tenure– Business loans square measure unsecured loans and given for a tenure of one year to five years.
  • Income Tax Returns (ITR)– A self utilized will notice a commercial loan, only if it’s filed regular ITRs for the last four years.

Banks take into account borrowers World Health Organization have filed ITRs of three years or a lot of as eligible to induce a commercial loan. Banks measure your monthly financial gain and compensation capability depends on details submitted within the ITRs.

  • Turnover– Turnover is that the financial gain that a commercial enterprise has attained from the sale of products and services to customers. it’s additionally termed as sales or turnover.

In case of execs, this sales or revenues is measured in terms of Gross Annual Receipts. Most banks and NBFCs arouse a minimum annual turnover of ₹ one atomic number 24 to be eligible for business loans while not collateral. However, there square measure a number of NBFCs and banks that fund to businesses or self utilized with turnover of but Rs. twenty five large integer still.

  • Business Vintage – Business vintage and growth is a vital issue take into account by banks and NBFCs to require a call to fund you loan. It provides the bank or NBFC AN assurance that your business ought to be authentic, stable and profitable to repay their loans.

Banks basicaly hunt for a business stability or profitableness of minimum three years for self utilized professionals. just in case of the other businessmen, loaner firms need a minimum business continuity of five years Banks and NBFCs additionally specify the minimum rate of 15-20 you bored with sales or turnover for the last three years to be eligible for a commercial loan. Further, your business or enterprise ought to be profitable within the last two years.

  • Banking Stability – Lenders a check bank statements of minimum half dozen months of your operational banking accounts to approve your loan. Banks can measure your banking stability and compensation capability depends on your average account balance. Banks also will take into account your outward and inward cheque bounce info to require a read on your credit track history.

Documents required for Business Loan

Signed Application Form
Identity Proof (PAN)
Residential Address Proof
Last 3 years ITR (self and business), complete financial certified/audited by a CA.
Last 12 months bank account statement (self and business)
Certificate and Proof of Business Vintage/Gst menditory
Office address – ownership/ rent agreement/ utility bill

      Identity Proof


Firms, Partnerships

 PAN card, Passport, Driving License, Aadhar Card, Voter id, Govt
issued i-card
Certificate and Proof of Business Existence PAN , sales tax/ excise/ VAT/ service tax registration, Copy of
partnership deed, Trade license, certificate of practice, registration
certificate issued by RBI, SEBI
Address ProofPassport, Driving License, Election ID card, Electricity/
Telephone/ Mobile bill/ bank statement (not more than 3 months old)
Bank statement, utility bill, Registry copy, lease or rent
agreement, TAN allotment letter

Questions-Answere on Business Loan

Which bank is best for business loan?

Corporation Bank of India is that the best investor for taking a bank loan supported their current rate of interests as they provide low interest rate of thirteen.50%.
Do banks give loans to SME in India?
Some lenders of the highest public sector and personal sector banks offer little business loans in India below totally different govt schemes like gesture loan, etc. additionally to govt schemes, choose banks associate degreed finance corporations conjointly provide unsecured loans to SME with an annual turnover of Rs. one large integer associate degreed higher than depend upon an assessment of business financials, stability, profitableness, debt service capability and management name. a number of the new NBFCs have started offered business loans while not collaterals for even smaller businesses, the speed of interest on such loans tend to be more than that offered by banks.

Apply bank loan in my current town.

Yes, you’ll be able to apply bank loan on-line in your town provided you’ve got decent turnover, business stability and have sensible credit history. you’ll be able to conjointly compare bank loan offers for various cities at Paisapaid.com bank loan everywhere in India
Customer age to use for business loan!
Customer age ought to be atleast twenty one years previous and no more than sixty five years elderly.

Does -1 CIBIL history have an effect on business loan?

Yes, banks could also be reject your loan if you are doing not have a CIBIL history or poor CIBIL history in past . in this case, you’ve got to take a loan with higher rate of interest. Banks provide to you for gold loan or mastercard to make some CIBIL history before you apply for a loan.

factors have an effect on my bank loan interest rate!

Roi on bank loan may be affected several factors like Higher the loan quantity, lower are going to be the speed of interest Higher the business turnover, lesser are going to be the rate of interest Longer time in business will avail you loan at lower rates cut back EMI on bank loan
You can decrease your loan EMI if the investor offers half payment or full payment. Some banks permit payment when reimbursement of 6-12 EMI’s and a few banks permit when one EMI solely. So, you’ll be able to simply take payment of loan if you’ve got surplus quantity and need to lower your burden end your loan

How am i able to apply for business loan?

You can apply in many ways. you’ll be able to directly visit the bank branch and meet the sales person, contact a loan agent or apply on-line at any bank or NBFC’s web site. you’ll be able to conjointly compare business loans rate of all banks on-line at PAISAPAID.COM and apply for loan. we will connect you to banks with best loan offers at lowest rate of come. we tend to conjointly assist you throughout the loan method and permit you to use on-line for a loan while not a taking while method.
Minimum and most tenure of business loan!
These square measure bank loan usually taken for a brief amount of your time. Generally, the loan tenure is between one Years to five years .

What square measure the fees for unsecured business loan?

In addition to rate of interest, banks charge the subsequent 2 fees on loan.
Processing fee: process fees is charged once you apply for a loan. The process fee will vary up to three of the loan quantity .If you apply for loan through a web market place like Paisapaid.com then we tend to negociate with the bank on your behalf and conjointly, provide engaging money backs on sanctioned loans.

Does it have an effect on my co-applicant if I default in business loan?

Yes, if you unable to pay the loan on time then can| it’ll} conjointly have an effect on your co-applicant as default in loan will have an effect on his/her CIBIL rating.

Am I eligible for a bank loan despite a poor credit score?

Yes, you’ll be eligible for qualifying a bank loan even with a foul credit score. But, the lenders might charge the next rate of interest on your loan and will raise you to use for loan at the side of a co-applicant World Health Organization will take the responsibility in your absence.

Time for a bank loan to urge disbursed!

Business loan disbursement will take just about ten operating days on balance the documents square measure submitted. Some lenders offer you associate degree in-principle approval subject to verification of documents submitted by you and therefore the results of their field visits. in this case the loan disbursement method may also be as short as every week.


Loan Amount

Business Loan Interest Rates*

Lowest EMI per lakh for Max Tenure

Processing Fee on the Loan Amount

SBI BankRs.1Billion Max11.20%– 16.30%Rs.2,594 for 48 months2% to 3%
HDFC BankRs.50 Lakhs Max15.50%– 18.30%Rs.2,808 for 48 months0.99% onwards. Max 2.50%
ICICI BankRs.40 Lakhs Max12.90%– 16.65%Rs.2,270 for 60 months0.99% onwards. Up to 2%
Axis BankRs.50 Lakhs Max15.50%to 24%Rs.2,405 for 60 monthsUp to 2%
RBL BankRs.10 Lakhs Max20.00%– onwordsRs.2,649 for 60 months3%
Kotak BankRs.75 Lakhs Max16.00%– 19.99%Rs.2,432 for 60 monthsUp to 2%
LendingkartRs.1 Crore Max18.00%– onwordsRs.9,168 for 12 months2%
Bajaj FinservRs.30 Lakhs MaxInterestrate 18% onwardsRs.2,938 for 48 monthsUp to 2%
Deutsche BankRs.50 Lakhs Max24.00%Rs.3,923 for 36 monthsUp to 3%
EdelweissRs.30 Lakhs Max18.25%onwardsRs.2,553 for 60 months2% onwards
Fullerton IndiaRs.50 Lakhs Max16.00%onwardsRs.2,834 for 48 months2%
Tata CapitalRs.50 lakhs Max18.00%onwardsRs.2,938 for 48 months1.50%to 2.50%
ZiploanRs.5 Lakhs MaxInterestrate 1-1.5% per month(Flat). 3%
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