Dear Friends, In this article I will tell you how to be a corporate DSA with your own LOGO or own Branding,

We have designed & launched CRM software for DSA which is extremely easy to use, where you can manage all your loan application files. you can easily send loan application forms to your banks & NBFCs.

So let me tell you how it can be game-changer software for you.

If you work with this CRM you will easily create an unlimited loan advisors account, where the advisor is able to login files with complete documents and you will receive these applications in your Admin Panel after then you can allocate these files to your team members, 

Once the file is received by your sales team, the Sales team will work on it. and when the sales team update any query in CRM then this update is automatically sent through your mail to your loan advisors where an advisor can see whats the update of his loan application, We have also given a chat box in CRM where your sales team and your loan advisor can chat with each other. No need to call any advisors.

For Example – If the advisor login personal loan applications. then this application will be received in your admin portal after then you will send this loan application to your team. the team will work on this personal loan application. if in given documents by advisors, pan card is not clear or banking is not updated. 

then your team can update this query in this CRM and this update automatically sends to your loan advisors through your mail. after the advisor can click on the link which he received in the mail. and then log in and the advisor can upload pending documents, that’s it.

How can we help you:-

Once your team completes the documents and send them to paisa paid, Our team will log in to this file to the required banks & Nbfcs. Once we received any update from banks our team will update in CRM. this update is automatically received by your sales team and the sales team will update your advisors with 1 click. This is really awesome.

paisapaid admin

paisapaid dsa

Corporate dsa with own branding

Corporate DSA Business Module with Own Logo (Branding) 1

Corporate dsa code

How to earn 1 lakh/month without doing any loans.

when we launched our CRM we have created a hell lot of free loan advisors accounts but after creating 4500 advisor account we realized many advisors not worked with us they were not giving any files. So decided to stop giving free advisor account. after a few months, we started again creating an advisor account with some reginable subscription charges and you guys won’t believe we are generating 2 lakh per month only from giving paid loan advisor account.

So you can also take some subscriptions from your loan advisor. Like 500,600,1000 any amount you want.

Here I am sharing some subscription charges screenshots that we have charged.

Screen-shot Of July 2021

Corporate DSa Corporate DSA Business Module with Own Logo (Branding) 2 Corporate DSA Business Module with Own Logo (Branding) 3 Corporate DSA Business Module with Own Logo (Branding) 4

I can not upload another screenshot because this will affect page loading speed.

CRM Specification:-

  • High-Speed VPN Server.
  • 1 Click download all documents
  • Automatic TVR Generation Pdf, word, excel
  • Own Logo
  • Own Email Address
  • Unlimited Team Members Access
  • Unlimited Advisors Access
  • Unlimited Sub Admin Access
  • Compactible For Mobile And Desktop
  • Inbuilt All Bank All loan Policy
  • Chat Box Available 
  • Inbuilt All Loan Documents List 
  •  148 Pages DSA Mastery E-book For Fresher Employee Training
  • How to Use? CRM Video Tutorials 
  • User Id Password Creation Available
  • 30000 High Qualities Tele-calling Data

Payment & Pricing

Total Cost – 34999/-

You Can also pay in 2 installment

First Installment – 20000/-

Second Installment – 14999/-