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How Can I Get an Instant Loan

There are so many monetary requirements that one fulfils in 24 hours of the day. Small luxuries in day to day life brings loads of happiness. Upgrading to a new electronic gadget, buying a designer dress, or gifting your special one might exhaust your savings. Hence, be smart and keep your savings intact. Get small cash loans or instant loans starting from 50,000 to 1,50,000, with easy payback options. How Can I Get an Instant Loan The tenure of such short-term loans ranges from 6 months to 24 months only. So, there is no risk of instant loans turning into bad debts. Whether the loan amount is 50,000 or 1.5 lakh, the procedure of applying for instant loan online remains the same. Simply Cash is one of the latest personal loan apps helping with instant loans within 24 hours. Get the SimplyCash instant loan app on your phone. Download from Google Play Store. Individuals with no credit history or a minimum monthly income of INR 15,000 can also apply for an instant loan on Simply Cash.

What are the Features of Instant Personal Loan

How Can I Get an Instant Loan  , Personal loan facility works instantly and makes it possible to avail a loan of Rs.50,000 urgently. A personal loan of Rs.50,000 falls in a short-term loan category that can be without security and collateral. Gain the following benefits from instant personal loan:
  • Get a loan for small amounts as low as 50,000
  • Get a loan approved with minimal documentation
  • Opt for the EMI (Equated Monthly Instalment) facility to adjust finances in advance
  • Finances for travel, holiday, wedding, education, and medical emergencies, if any, are all covered under instant personal loans
  • Compare interest rates, processing charges, the penalty for pre-payment/foreclosure, etc. All these will affect the principal loan amount
Even though you are applying for a small loan amount, it is better to evaluate your needs to know the exact loan amount required. If you have any ongoing loan accounts, adjust the EMIs accordingly. Delay in payment of credit dues can affect your credit score drastically. Try to maintain a high credit score to improve the chances of your loan request getting approved.

What are the Interest Rates and other Charges for a Rs.50,000 Personal Loan

Use the EMI calculator to equate your monthly instalment instantly for an Rs.50,000 loan. The EMI calculator will give clarity on the percentage of interest and tenure in months that you can select on your own to derive a suitable EMI for an Rs.50,000 personal loan. It just takes few seconds after you have selected the loan amount, tenure and interest rate in the EMI calculator. Other charges such as processing fees, taxes etc. should be clarified with the lender at the initial phase of loan application of Rs.50,000.

What are the Eligibility Criteria for Instant Personal Loan of Rs.50,000

A personal loan of Rs.50,000 is easy to get sanctioned instantly, without any security or guarantor. The eligibility criteria to avail a personal loan of Rs.50,000 is hassle-free. Borrowers wanting an instant loan of 50,000 should be between the age group of 21 – 58 years, should have a stable job/business (salaried or self-employed) and hold a minimum salary of Rs.15,000 per month. How Can I Get an Instant Loan This shows their career stability and ensures the borrower is capable of EMI payments on time. An eligibility criterion is an important service feature that confirms chances of loan approval whether for an Rs.50,000 loan or beyond.

How to Apply for Instant 50,000 Loan on SimplyCash

Borrowers can avail an instant loan of Rs.50,000 via the SimplyCash personal loan app. If you fall correctly in the eligibility criteria and own the right set of documents, an instant loan of Rs.50,000 is approved and disbursed within 24 hours. Taking an instant loan of Rs.50,000 is not a burden as the EMIs can be cleared in a year’s conveniently. Download the Simply Cash app from Google Play Store and follow a few simple steps to complete the loan application process:
  • Register with essential details – mobile number, email address, and pin code
  • Set the desired EMI using the loan EMI calculator
  • Paperless verification of KYC details using a security code
  • Bank account verification through net banking; the credentials are never stored
  • Instant loan approved in minutes and transferred to the bank account
Both salaried and self-employed individuals with a minimum monthly income of INR 15,000 can apply for an instant loan at SimplyCash. No collateral is necessary as instant loans are unsecured loans and require no guarantee. So, it is quite evident that acquiring small cash loans from 50,000 or more is easy nowadays. All thanks to the digital personal loan platforms offering a secured credit facility instantly.